Cost for Actor Headshots

I have 3 headshot packages: the Basic, the Standard and the Portfolio. Oh, and if I have ever done your headshot before, you qualify for the Returning Actor rate; yup – updating your headshots pays!

The Basic: This is a great option for updating your look or just “trying out” the industry. It provides you with a high quality headshot that is great for represented work. If you have the same look (or a minor change in appearance) as your last headshot, this is a great option to keep things fresh. Its fast, efficient, and highly effective.

The Standard: Just joining the industry? Bam! This is the package you want. You get a commercial headshot, a featured headshot, and a body shot. Generally, these are the minimums you want to give to your agent. This is the best option for most people starting in the industry as it covers all your bases. What more could you ask for?

The Portfolio This is the real deal – especially for those that take their acting seriously. The Portfolio has all your bases covered. In addition to the standard commercial, featured, and body shots, we’ve got 2 more images to show your different character types. This means we can customize your session based on your acting goals. Moving to LA soon – lets do some LA style shots. Want to play the hard nosed detective? We can get those, too. Having a variety of headshots allows your agent to submit the perfect headshot for each role.



$100 Kids
$90 – Returning Actor
$75- Additional Image
  • Mini Headshot Session
  • 10 Online Proofs
  • Blemish Removal
  • 1 High Rez Digital File



$300 Kids
$275 – Returning Actor
$40- Additional Image
  • Extended Headshot Session
  • 40 Online Proofs
  • Full Editing/Enhancement
  • 5 High Rez Files
  • Commercial Headshot
  • Featured Headshot
  • Full Bodyshot
  • +2 More Portfolio Images

Headshot costs vary widely. If you are in New York, you’ll be paying top dollar. If you live in LA, its less expensive, but still a pretty good chunk of change. If you live in Spokane, you’re in luck. That’s where I live. And I know actors around here are broke, so I keep my prices as low as I can.

Think of your headshots as a marketing tool. You need to invest in them so you can promote yourself. Generally, you’ll be able to pay for them with your first job. And quality shots will get you more jobs.

I have several packages for actor headshots. I’ve built them around the needs of our local acting talent. My update package is great for updating your look as it changes (or once a year). The standard package will get you started with the 3 looks needed for full representation. And the portfolio package will get you a variety of looks so you can be submitted for a variety of projects. I also offer discounts for returning clients.

The photographer isn’t the only cost for your headshots. I strongly recommend hiring a make-up artist for your session. THIS APPLIES TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. You may be thinking that you know how to apply make-up or that you don’t need it. You’d be amazed at what an experienced make-up artist can do. If you’ve ever been on set, you know that they have a make-up artist there applying make-up to reduce sheen on your skin, cover blemishes, and leveling skin tones. You want the same treatment for your headshots. Girls are usually pretty good about applying a bit of foundation to even skin tones and cover blemishes. Guys generally suck at this, even if they have a stage theatre background. A quality make-up artist will airbrush your skin to look amazing and even (without looking caked on). This makes you skin amazing to photograph. The MUA will also apply light eye make-up, take care of your lips, and do whatever else is needed to make sure you look photo perfect. Most people don’t know how to properly apply make-up for a photo session. An experienced MUA does. It’s also nice to have someone style your hair and a professional and clean way. You don’t want a crazy updo. You want a natural look that will hold and photograph perfect. Your stylist can do this.

I recommend Abbey Crawford ( for doing this. She is available for $75 for women and $60 for men. This price includes both hair and make-up. She is well worth it.

Clothing also plays an important role in your headshots. Make sure you have appropriate clothing for the style and look. If you don’t already have this clothing in your wardrobe (if you don’t, go buy it, you’ll want it for auditions, too), then you’ll need to invest in it