Actor Headshots

When it comes to headshots for actors, performers, and models, you won’t find more knowledgeable and helpful photographer in Spokane, Coeur D’Alene, or Eastern Washington!

Headshot photographer Chris Wooley focuses on creating headshots with impact. To do this, we start with a breif consultation where I learn about your goals, experience, and history in the acting and modeling world. From there, we create a personalized photo shoot, focusing on creating the perfect set of images to get you work.

I’ll guide you through every step of the process, from clothing selection and Hair/Make-up for headshots – to posing and expression work. We’ll work in a professional studio using top quality gear to create the perfect headshot.

Most actors wanting to pursue represented work (with an agent) will want a Commercial Headshot, A Dramatic or Featured Portrait, and a full-body shot. We can do LA, New York, Seattle, and Spokane Styles, too.

Check out my Headshot 101 Guide for actor where I’ll walk you through common questions, and give you an idea of different headshot types, clothing choices, and more.

Or skip straight to the Actor Headshot Gallery and see samples of my work.

Of course, you can check out my rates if you want to know How Much Professional Headshots Cost.


Pin-Up Photography

I’m kind of obsessed with the 1940s. Ok, not just the 40s – but the 1920s-1960s. It was a pretty awesome time – and the start of a genre known as Pin-Up. When you mix my love for the era and photographic expertise, you get some jaw dropping awesome Retro Pin-Up portraits and Hollywood Glamour images.

Spokane Pin-Up Photographer, Chris Wooley, is lucky enough to get to speak nationally about Pin-Up photography and host workshops for photographers on creating the Pin-Up Experience. And it truly is an experience.

We start off our Pin-Up or Hollywood Glamour experience with an in-depth consultation. It’s here that we plan out all the details from your session – from the clothing, props, and make-up, to coming up with cool themes for the shoot. We plan everything so that our photo shoot day will run smoothly.

Next, we have or photo shoot day. I have a professional Hair and Make-Up artist come in and give you a complete retro make-over. From victory rolls to cat-eyes, you’ll soon be embracing your inner pin-up goddess.

After you’re out of hair/make-up we get to start our photo shoot. I’ll guide you through all of the posing and expressions – basing them off of traditional pin-up poses and modifying them to flatter your body type. Yup, I’ll work with you to make those curves extra curvy.

Afterwards, we have a private viewing where we go through the images and get to create some really cool stuff – like vintage Calendars, Leather Albums, Bomber Nose-Art Metal Signs, Wall Art, and more.

Check out the Pin-Up Gallery to see samples of other pin-up girls.

You can also read some Tips for Preparing for your Pin-Up Session.

And of course, here is information on the Cost of Retro Pin-Up Photography.


Business Portraits

Sometimes a quick cell phone snapshot just doesn’t tell your story correctly. A well done Business Portrait is more than just a picture of you – it describes who you are and what you do.

You wouldn’t expect to hire a lawyer that had a headshot in a Hawaiian shirt -and you probably wouldn’t want a carpenter that was wearing a tuxedo. Similar to how the clothing can tell a story, the other details matter just as much.

Professional Spokane Business Portrait Photographer Chris Wooley helps create the perfect style of headshot, personalized to send the message you want.

From Executives to multi-national companies to life coaches, Real Estate agents, and Insurance Professionals, we’ll create a strong image that aligns your values and brand with a clean and professional portrait.

We’ll have a brief consultation where we discuss clothing, hair/make-up, locations (or at the studio), and the generally feeling you want for the headshot.

We can be warm, open and approachable. Or we might want to be dignified, authoritative, and traditional. Either way, we’ll work together to create the perfect headshot.

Check out these Tips for a Business Portrait Session to learn about the different styles of headshots and get tips on preparing for your session.

You can also view a Gallery of Business Portraits to see samples of my work.

Or for those that like to get right down to business, you can see the Cost for Business Portraits right here.

And yes, I can come to your location – Spokane, Liberty Lake, Coeur D’Alene – and sometimes even Seattle . Yes, we do offer discounts for photographing multiple people (or an entire office). Yes, I will tell you if your hair doesn’t look right and will help you pose naturally.